Sourcing security experts throughout Cybersecurity

High profile cybersecurity breaches are becoming more commonplace and organisations are recognising the need to hire the right staff who can implement preventative strategies.

We serve companies of all sizes: from SME’s to large corporates, to Defence (including NATO) providing IT security professionals to meet their requirements. We have worked with specialist network and IT consultancies, cloud security and compliance and the largest professional services firms in the world.

An increased need for cybersecurity professionals has created a great opportunity for candidates with IT skills to cross train and work within the IT security industry. We are developing close relationships with universities and colleges to source and build relationships with talented graduates who have relevant industry skills.

In addition, we also host industry networking events created for anyone with a professional interest in cybersecurity to expand their knowledge in the space.

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Our consultants bring years of expertise to your respective field to help you identify the perfect role.