Financial Technology candidates at your disposal

Even with the best laid plans and a revolutionary distribution model, success can only come with the right talent in place. Your company’s ability to attract and retain the best talent will determine its market share. Your advisors, sponsors, and promoters are also measuring your “staying power” based on who you bring on board.

We know what’s at stake. That’s why we work so hard to find you the best candidates with equal amounts of grit, drive, technical knowledge, and domain experience.

We bring the top FinTech candidates to the interview process – candidates who are hugely sought after, and who, in many cases may not even be actively seeking their next move.

We believe in building strong relationships with both candidates and clients alike. As a niche boutique recruiter, we've established relationships with passive and semi-active candidates in key FinTech markets Europe-wide. We act as a trusted advisor for all things related to the FinTech Talent space. We regularly provide complementary market research data on salaries and bonus packages to help you position your job opening correctly. Knowing the constant shift and rapid changes taking place in this sector, we'll keep you abreast of FinTech candidates’ expectations regarding perks, benefits, and salaries.

Furthermore, we do not give up until you have the person – or people – you need.

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